Is Tamol XX 100mg Suggested for A Toothache? What Are The Uses & Dosage of Tamol XX?


The teeth are the smallest yet the most vital organ to the well-being of an individual. Crispy snacks, mouth-watering dishes, and delicious desserts make us drool. But savoring such delicacies with a toothache is a person’s worst nightmare. Toothache is a sharp, throbbing pain that results in swelling around the gum, tooth decay, fever, weakness, distress, and poor appetite. Dentists suggest painkillers for treating toothache, fever, etc. among which Tramadol XX 100mg promises to be one of the foremost painkillers.

Tramadol XX 100mg is an effective drug that belongs to the category of opioid agonists. Its salt component tramadol inhibits the chemical messages from reaching the brain. Although all kinds of musculoskeletal pain can be treated with the aid of Tamol XX 100mg, it is also very effective in reducing toothache. The use of Tamol XX 100mg can successfully eliminate mild to severe toothache and gum pain.

Toothache can bring along with it a host of other issues such as fever, headache, body pain, jaw pain, etc. In such cases, a person has to just pop a pill of Tamol XX 100mg to get rid of the other ailments accompanying toothache. In addition to this, Tamol XX 100mg is also used to ease musculoskeletal pain, spasms, strains, muscle tone, stomach ache, body pain, etc. 

Tamol XX 100mg is the definitive choice pain reliever for people suffering from mild to severe pain. In conjunction with Tamol XX 100 mg, you can also try cold compressing or gargling with salt water as it will reduce the swelling of your gums. Tamol XX 100mg is a highly potent medication with the least side effects if taken correctly. You can buy Tamol xx 100mg tablets at

Your doctor will prescribe the drug with dosage and strength based on the severity of your pain. Doctors generally suggest taking the lowest yet an effective dose of 100mg; if this portion of the dose is not beneficial, the dosage and strength are increase by the doctor for better results. An Extend-release (long-acting) form of Tamol XX 100mg is recommended for those who need painkiller medication round-the-clock. For extended-release pills, doctors prescribe this medicine 3 times a day and at bedtime. For those who require immediate relief, doctors suggest taking Tamol XX 100mg as needed for pain.

Tamol XX 100mg is a prescription drug so let your medical practitioner decide the dosage. do not try to self-medicate as it may cause serious side effects if taken wrongly. Doctors advise taking this drug for not more than 2-3 weeks as it might lead to addiction. It is advisable not to take more than 3-4 pills per day.

And consuming more than one pill at a time. Recognizable symptoms of overdose are depression, seizures, addiction, etc. If you have missed a dose of TamolXX 100mg, then take one as soon as it occurs to you; skip the dose if it is close to your next dose.

If a continuous toothache is becoming too much to handle and you are yearning for peaceful sleep, worry not! TamolXX 100mg is here to provide you instant relief from tooth and gum pain. Now get ready to dig into your favorite food! Click to find more about Tramadol xx 100mg tablets.

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